Whether you’re racing, training, or chasing KOMs, the Force does it more comfortably. Incredibly light and responsive, it was built to climb, descend, corner faster. And it does it well. 
It’s aerodynamic, adjustable, and simply gives you more waysto go faster and feel more
stable while doing it.  

The key performance factors are:

A- Aerodynamic performance at every angle,  by creating a very comfortable aero cockpit that was built to provide better overall aero performance. 

B-  Better adjustability with smart cable routing that allows for faster fine-tuning performance and riding position. 

C-  Race proven efficiency. Squad’s composite materials and manufacturingprocess allows us to make key weight savings and provides better ride responsiveness and comfort.

Pedal in Harmony

Versatility & Aero

The Force shatters the notion that a road bike must be either lightweight or aerodynamic. Every element of the Force has been optimized for maximum aerodynamic performance.

Love Velo

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FRameset + modular handlebar

Custom paint is our modo. Now you can created your personalized design with our Art Form each project is a unique piece in another word to create the perfect balance between quality, personality and performance

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