Experience the ultimate in gravel racing and riding with the Squad ROOT - a product crafted without any compromises, ensuring unmatched performance and adaptability.

When designing a bike for long and challenging gravel races/rides, it is crucial to consider its performance on different surfaces and under various conditions. However, it is equally important to ensure that the bike is reliable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. By prioritizing these traits, you can create the ideal do-it-all gravel bike.

The Root was created to revolutionize the gravel experience. By blending comfort, speed, and reliability in a lightweight and responsive design, we have crafted a product that ensures your utmost satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing you with the perfect fit and optimize your off-road experience.

CUSTOM PAINT/ Design Your own

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G1 Shimano GRX 600/812 11s (1X) Starting at


Reg: $4000 save $541.00


G5 Shimano GRX 812 11s (1X) Starting at


Reg: $4500 save $701.00


G112 Shimano GRX 610 12s (1X) Starting at


New GRX 610 12s


G512 Shimano GRX 822 12s (1X) Starting at


New Grx 822 12s


G512 Shimano GRX 822 12s (1X) Limited Edition


Zipp 303s + Ceramicspeed BB + AGX K-Wing


G7 Shimano GRX 817 Di2 11s (1X) Starting at




G2 Shimano GRX 600/810 11s (2X) Starting at


Reg: $4200 save $541.00


g412 Shimano GRX 820 12s (2X) Starting at


New Grx 820 12s


g8 Shimano GRX 815 Di2 11s (2X) Starting at


Starting at $2599


Immerse yourself in the world of custom paint with our Art Form. Every project is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that harmonizes quality, personality, and performance.


For a bike that performs exceptionally well in long and challenging gravel rides, Take into account not just the handling on different types of terrain and various conditions but also the lightweight, versatility, and serviceability. These features will make it your ultimate do-it-all gravel bike.


With the Root, we aimed to redefine gravel. To combine comfort, speed, and reliability in a very light weight and responsive package.   For us, your total comfort, getting your perfectly fitted, and helping youget the most out of your “I’ve gotta get off the beaten path today”  type of training.


Squad Studio

Squad Studio

Discover the Perfectly Tailored Paint Design Crafted Just for You by Squad Master Painter.

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Creation & Built

From Custom Paint to Dream Bike assembly, We Do It All.

Ceramicspeed OSPW, Selle Repente, Power meter,

create yours

Geometry & sizing

Experience the Comfort of Perfect Fit with Geometry and Sizing Support.