Gravel Road Triathlon


Who We are

The humble beginning

@ 11 years of age, he got stroke by the cycling passion,
reading about Bernard Hinault, Laurent Fignon, then Greg Lemond story top with the arrival of Steve Bauer.

The Journey begins by collecting the papers money to purchase is
first road racing bike…Then he was hook…The freedom to hit the road, discovering the world…18 years later leaving a lucrative position in the corporate
world he decided to fallow is dreams. Thanks to is Wife for the unconditional support and is Belgium friends who direct him
to Italy where everything began in early two thousand…Design, audacity, engeenering, everything was in place to bring is science background merging with is creative side…

The rest is history, being on the Asperger’s spectrum, is hard
work, creativity brought him from is humble beginning in the bike world,  to Ironman World Championship (victory 2004-2006) + bike course record that hold from 2006 to 2017 (11
years), add to that, the tour de France, Giro d’italia, Vuelta de Spania &
all the major races around the world.  

So, we had a muffin in the oven….

Squad was born in July 2011 from stubbornness & passion
to create the next generation of carbon bikes that share our dreams &
vision. To some everything Squad is a Family affair, that run far behind the
blood lines, each team member share the same objective: 

‘’That's why we are committed to offering the
right bike to the right cyclist in order to create the perfect balance between
quality, personality and performance’’

…Reason why each bike sold leaving the
factory is like one of our kids leaving the family nest for is adult life 😊…

We Simply Care & love what we do that’s all.

Today we are celebrating our 12-year anniversary,

Squad Cycles is bigger than just creating bikes…We have a
purpose, be inclusive, gathering people all together to share that epic journey,
as a whole community gravitating around Squad,

Ride in Harmony.

Be Authentic, Be Different, Have Personality, Be Yourself